Mama’s favorites.

Jan 8th, 2013

Hello there. This is Mama speaking. Thank you for visiting my fluffy dog’s website. We’ve cold weather in these days. Dada is wrapped up in a blanket, most of time.

I selected my favorite photo of Dada from Instagram. It’s very difficult for me. Because every photo are my treasure! But honestly speaking, sometimes I had to think “Why did I post this?”. Haha. Interestingly, my favorite ain’t necessarily you “liked”. That’s the most strange part and the most fun part at the same time.

Here are a few my favorites from last year’s photo. (But I couldn’t rank the photo!)


Then It’s not last year’s, but the most special one.


Do you know why? Yes, this is first photo of Dada on Instagram. I never expected nothing when I took this. I wanted to take a photo because She was really cute on the balcony. That was all.

I still can’t believe that thousands of people are knowing my tiny dog. Me and Dada have had our ups and downs in about 7 years, but overcame always together. That will continue. I hope so.

I really appreciate you loving Dada. Thanks!

Big love and Big hugs,
Cao aka Mama


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