Recommended Photography Apps – vol.01 – Fotomecha

Dec 30th, 2012

Hello there. This is Mama speaking. Thank you for visiting my sweet funny dog’s website.

You know, I really love to take photos! Let me show you my favorites from among the apps that I use. Today’s recommended app is “Fotomecha – multi lens simulated camera“. Maybe it’s for iPhone only. I can’t explain about this app in English very well. So I quote iTune’s page! Hehe.

When you capture a moving subject and press the shutter button, the shutter closes repeatedly with a “snap snap snap!”. Just like that, a single photograph that incorporates multiple frames (or an animated GIF) comes out. Set the exposure speed, frame count, and film type to create various kinds of works. Upload your works directly to Twitter/TwitPic/Facebook/Flickr!

With a design reminiscent of film cameras, and sleek interfaces, you will experience the joy of continuous, exciting shooting.

To know the app more, see a video at support site.

It’s user interface design of Fotomecha.

dada fotomecha

I took a photo of Dada with Fotomecha.


Then, being able to create an animated gif if you want. So easy.


Did you like it? Enjoy your photo life!

Big love and Big hugs,


– multi lens simulated camera