Look back at Christmas 2012

Dec 27th, 2012

Hello there. This is Dada speaking. Thank you for visiting my website.


Mama says “I’d like to create more thorough coverage the content of the site.” Could she really be? I think she takes a long time to do that. Hehe.

Anyway, let’s look back at Christmas week!

First, I got christmas cards from IG friends.


@jennethb sent me a card and “Australian Wildlife” calendar. There’re so many animals in Australia! What kind of play does kangaroo like? Hummm. I wanna play with you guys!

And @iamrocher sent me Girly Gang’s card from Thailand. Rocher, Fondon and Hershay are really cute! They’re so lucky that living together. Not stay at home alone.

Thanks, Jen and June!

Then, of course, I donned a santa hat again this year! Please check it out on Instagram if you didn’t see my santa photos. This, this, this, this and last year’s. I will refuse to don that next year as far as possible.


By the way, where is my christmas present? Did you forget, Mama? ……Woof!


Big love and Little Kisses,